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Monthly Reminders

Inclement Weather Policy

Below are our weather related policies. We strive to remain open, but if you do not feel comfortable driving when we are open, please do not come. Absences will be excused.

Morning Classes
All classes that begin before noon will be canceled if the Baltimore County Public School System is closed or delayed due to inclement weather.

Afternoon Classes
All classes that begin after 12:00 noon will be evaluated depending on current driving conditions regardless of whether or not the BCPS are closed or delayed due to inclement weather. A message will be placed on the website, on Facebook and on the telephone voicemail regarding the status of these classes.

Saturday Classes
If a weekend weather system occurs, classes will be evaluated depending on current driving conditions. A message will be placed on the website, on Facebook and the telephone voicemail regarding the status of these classes.

Classes in Session
If inclement weather begins while we are in session, we will continue to have classes unless we call you. We will always stay with all children until they have been collected. Call 410-666-5710 for a message if you are uncertain.

Canceled Classes
Unfortunately, our packed calendar does not allow for make-up classes when we must close due to the weather. Dancers at levels 1 and above may contact the office to arrange to take a class similar to the canceled class if they would like.

Class Attire

Dancers are asked to wear the following:

Introduction to Dance
Girls: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes with pink elastics; hair must be pulled back out of the dancer’s eyes
Boys: tee shirts, comfortable shorts or slacks, black ballet shoes
Introduction to Dance 2, 3 and 4: ballet and tap shoes

Ballet/Royal Academy of Dance
Girls: pink tights, ballet shoes with pink elastics, black leotard, pink ribbons on pointe shoes; hair must be worn in a bun
Boys: tee shirts, comfortable black or navy slacks or shorts, black ballet shoes

✴ Solid colored leotard, footless tights or unitard with bare feet
Girls: long hair must be pulled back neatly in a ponytail or worn in a bun

✴ Solid colored leotard with tights or black jazz pants; black jazz slip-on shoes for Levels 1B and 1A; tan jazz shoes for Jazz levels 2B and up
✴ Levels 1B and 1A Jazz – Girls: hair must be in a bun or pulled back neatly in a ponytail; levels 2B and above - hair must be worn in a bun (starting at 2B, dancers are turning and spotting more and need their hair out of their face

✴ Solid color leotard with tights and black tap shoes (no heels)
Girls: long hair must be pulled back neatly in a ponytail or worn in a bun

Hip Hop
✴ “Non-marking” soled shoes. Please no street shoes. Shoes must be clean on the bottom to enter the studio.
Girls: long hair must be pulled back neatly in a ponytail or worn in a bun

✴ Leotard and tights. Shorts and a snug coverup are allowed for warm-up. Foot undeez are optional.
Girls: long hair must be pulled back neatly in a ponytail or worn in a bun

✴ Dress according to instructor’s request

Enrollment Contract

Registration for classes is a contract with The Moving Company Dance Center. Tuition is based on the Center year and remains the same regardless of the number of weeks, holidays or closings. Enrollment is complete when both the $25.00 registration fee and the first installment are made. By signing the registration form, parents/adult students acknowledge responsibility for all tuition payments for the enrolled student.

Withdrawal From Classes

Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal from class. Eight weeks’ written notice using the Add/Drop Form is required if a dancer wishes to withdraw from a class. The responsible party is obligated for tuition due during that eight week period. Hardcopy of the form is also available in the office.


All absences and/or tardiness should be communicated to the office, preferably by email, prior to class.

The first ten minutes of class are just as important as the rest of the class, as a proper warm-up and stretching are vital to a dancer’s health. Dancers are required to be on time, properly dressed, and ready to begin class at the start time.

Regular Attendance
Weekly attendance is required for all classes. Students who regularly miss classes fall behind. They miss skills, do not learn dance combinations, have a greater risk of injury, and lose confidence and interest. Irregular attendance is disruptive to both the teacher and the other students.

Spring/Stage Rehearsal Attendance
Attendance is extremely important for the dancers in the months prior to the concert. We want your children to shine the day of their performance. The confidence they will have by knowing their dance perfectly is the only way that will happen. Dance is like a team sport in that every dancer is an integral part of the team. One dancer’s absence disrupts the entire dance. Missing more than two classes between March 1st and the concert subjects the dancer to committing to additional rehearsals or removal from the performance. ALL classes from March through stage rehearsals at Goucher are MANDATORY.

Performance Participation
Our teachers have the right to limit a student’s participation in the concert due to poor attendance. An instructor's choreography represents their work and the work of an entire class. It is unfair to ask us to include your child in a piece of work when he or she is inadequately prepared because of irregular attendance.


Upon enrollment, tuition will be determined based on the number of class hours the student is taking. The tuition rates are posted here. Once we receive a registration, we will calculate tuition and email the first statement. All families will be billed ¼ of the tuition upon enrollment, ¼ in November, ¼ in January, and the final in March. If you wish to choose an alternative payment schedule, you must contact the office to make arrangements.

Family Discount
Student with the most hours pays full price; additional family members receive a 5% discount. Families pay only one registration fee.

Late Payments
Payments on account received more than TEN DAYS after the due date are late. Such accounts will be charged a 5% late fee.

Returned Checks
A $25.00 charge will be assessed on all checks returned by the bank.

Overdue Accounts:
We do not want to have to tell dancers that they cannot take classes because their parents have not paid their tuition. If you are unable to pay the tuition as you expected when enrolling, call us to work out a plan. Unless we have agreed on a different plan, accounts must be paid in full in order to purchase tickets for the June concert.


Placement recommendations are made by teachers at the end of each year. New students should contact the studio office to arrange for a placement session. We feel strongly that placing students in a level that matches their capabilities will enable them to reach their full potential and reduce injuries.


Dance is a physical activity and there is a possibility of injury in participating in dance classes, rehearsals, performances or related activities. Upon signing the enrollment form, parents or adult dancers agree not to hold the Moving Company Dance Center or any faculty member, employee or guest teacher liable for any injury sustained or illness contracted while their child or they are a student of The Moving Company Dance Center.


The 2017 Spring Concert is Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 3:00 and Sunday, June 11th 2017 at 1:00 and 5:30. If a student enrolls in more than one class, it is likely that student will perform in more than one show. If a dancer cannot perform on a particular day or will not be in the concert at all, please let us know in writing as early as possible. Last minute withdrawals are difficult for teachers and other students to work through.

Tickets for the concert will go on sale Sunday May 7st, 2017. Seating is reserved. Children aged 4 and under do not need a ticket if they sit on a parent’s lap. Your account must be up to date in order to purchase concert tickets.

We will post the rehearsal and performance schedules in the studio by mid-March.

Costumes ~ For Intro 3 & above only ~

Costumes for the June concert must be purchased for every class in which a child is enrolled. Though we try to minimize the cost, the price is generally between $45 and $70 per costume. A costume deposit of $40 per enrolled class is due November 15, 2016. Costumes will be purchased in early January 2017. If a dancer will not be in the concert, you must notify us in writing (preferably through our contact form or email us directly at ) by the end of December 2016. The remaining balance will be due March 15, 2017. Statements indicating balances due will be mailed or emailed. If you decide that your child will not perform in the concert after costumes have been ordered, you will be obligated to purchase the costume. We will begin handing out costumes beginning in May. Students will not be permitted to take home their costumes until they have been paid for in full.

Parent Responsibility

Parents are responsible for being aware of all dance studio activities and policies. This includes holidays and vacations, parent observation week, concert dates (June 10 and 11, 2017), rehearsals, picture day. Our calendar is on our web site; we post a monthly newsletter on our web site and bulletin boards and we send email reminders. Please read and be familiar with our dress code, policies and calendar.

Cell Phones

Student and visitor cell phones must be turned off or placed on silent while in classrooms. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to place or receive a call during class time. Texting is also prohibited. Student cell phones can be used in the office, dressing rooms, or outside BEFORE or AFTER class.

Photo/Video Release

Unless parents notify us in writing, The Moving Company Dance Center may use pictures and video of enrolled students for advertising and promotion for the benefit of the program. This includes on the studio’s website and Facebook page, in emails, mailings, printed brochures, posters, signs, and in the press. Unless specifically authorized by parents, names of students will not be included.